Document your infrastructure with a live service map

Stratos is a plug-and-play solution that supplements Nagios and Microsoft System Center installations as well as working as a standalone system.

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About Stratos

Stratos brings business and IT together by creating a unified graphical overview of the status of your IT infrastructure that is as easily understood by your management as it is by your systems engineers. This allows the entire organization to work hand in hand in optimizing the availability of business services and provides peace of mind at all levels.

With powerful features to proactively manage changes and the network infrastructure so that business service availability is secured, Stratos offers a strong ROI proposition to organizations of all sizes.

Stratos maximizes the availability of business critical systems with real time monitoring of technical infrastructure. Powerful functionality provides proactive management of updates and prevents costly downtime.

Key Benefits

Stratos provides a common ground to providers and consumers of IT services to discuss business systems’ performance. Installation is easy and centralized – no need for remote agents. Monitoring and status information are instantly available which makes Stratos ideal for live system documentation.

For Management

  • Quick overview of status of all business applications
  • Graphical reporting provides the data to analyze trends allowing for preventive changes to the technical infrastructure
  • Maximize the benefit from your investment by introducing changes to the environment at the appropriate point in time
  • Map your processes
  • Minimize the cost from downtime and business losses
  • Monitor SLA performance from service providers

For Systems Engineers

  • Minimize downtime with live monitoring
  • Identify trends in the performance of your infrastructure to allow for preventive changes to the environment
  • Analyse causes for downtime with graphical historical data
  • Map dependencies within your technical infrastructure for a clear overview of your network
  • Provides the missing link between servers and systems
  • Map your batch jobs
  • Quickly discover defacing of websites

For Software Engineers

  • Monitor the performance of your systems to enable you to make proactive changes to the software
  • Identify the causes of system performance problems so they can be avoided in the future
  • Easy handover of system responsibility

Instant Overview

Stratos is designed to augment the information provided by monitoring systems such as Nagios and System Center. Rather than replacing existing monitoring systems Stratos provides an additional overview of system components and relationships to provide peace of mind at all levels in an organization.

  • Immediate overview for peace of mind
  • Easily understandable regardless of technical expertise
  • Instantly clear if incidents are being addressed
  • Relevant documentation and contact information
  • Proactive incident management for immediate reporting and response
  • Clear lines of communication
  • Targeted issue resolution creates business value
  • Active Directory-based access control
  • Powerful search feature

Live mapping of infrastructure

Stratos provides a live service map that is both accessible and easily understood by service managers, project managers, developers, system administrators and others concerned with system status and behaviour of business systems. Pre-configured server and service types make the configuration of a new system a breeze.

  • Easy configuration of new systems
    • Flexible GUI with drag-and-drop capabilities
    • Pre-configured server and service types
    • Immediate real time monitoring as systems are configured into Stratos
  • Simple installation
  • Dependency linked Service Maps document your IT infrastructure
  • Archived historical data gives you an accurate map and status of your infrastructure at any given time
  • Problem resolution based on practical statistics
  • Simple and informative management reports

Powerful trend analysis

Historical data enables analysis of performance trends to prevent performance-related incidents and assessment of service level agreements. The timeline feature allows a review of system status at any given point in time.

  • Proactive trend analysis based on archived performance data helps you to detect when maximum capacity will be reached. This helps you to optimize your investment in infrastructure and avoid costly business disruptions
  • Monitor SLA compliance with the performance view

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